Monday, May 03, 2010

Sarah Palin for President in 2012 'cuz

From US News and World Report and Don Surber
1. Unbending Conservative
2. Military Hawk
3. Oil Drilling Advocate
4. Respects Governors
5. Revive Saturday Night Live
6. Friend of the Working Class
7. Advocate for Disabled Children
8. First Woman President
9. Boost Conservative Media
10. Fashion Statement
11. Put up with a lot of crap from a media that gave Barack Obama a pass on his association with terrorists, racists and crooks.
12. Took on Exxon and won.
13. Took on Frank Murkowski and won.
14. Was cleared of 26 ethics charges making her the cleanest politician in the land.
15. Actually leads people.
16. Actually leads people by example.
17. Todd Palin. He is the husband I would want if I were a woman.
18. Has balanced a budget.
19. Has cut taxes.
20. Not an Ivy Leaguer. The last non-Ivy Leaguer president we had was Ronald Reagan.

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