Thursday, August 04, 2005

No for Parliamentary Philippines!!!

Parliamentary is Not good for the Philippines because Parliamentary lacks the check and balance of governance. Executive & Legislative representing the government are one party or coalition in a Parliamentary. There must be 'Separation of Power' between Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches for check and balance. Sometimes there's gridlock but 'Sovereignty of the People' as mandated in the Constitution is better serve. Local governments must be independent as mandated by the Constitution by enforcing Federalism and statehood of Regions presently divided by COMELEC. Federalism will strengthen the national government. Local Independence and self governance are incentives for creativity. To strengthen 'Sovereignty of the People' add peoples voices in the Judiciary branch through enactment of 'Jury Trials for all Crimes' either by petition in local and national government, to Congress, to Rules of Court of the Supreme Court or to President Arroyo. 23 Filipinos on the Grand Jury, 12 in Criminal and Civil Trial have front seat view of how judges and lawyers think critically to arrive at their conclusions and opinions. Incrementally through Jury Trial, 23 Filipinos on the Grand Jury, 12 in Criminal and Civil Trials every day, 5 days a week, in every court house in every town, city and province in the theater of a court room. That's a good thing for all Filipinos.

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