Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Capitalism, Benign Assimilation of the highest order

Adam Smith, the non-American founder of the experiment called United States of America in 1776.
One overlooked "founder" offers enduring answers: Adam Smith. Smith published the Wealth of Nations in 1776, the same year the Continental Congress declared American independence. By the time of the Constitutional Convention 11 years later, his ideas had been incorporated into the thinking of the new nation's leaders.
Smith's great revelation was that political freedom would most likely emerge and persist under conditions of economic freedom, what we now call capitalism. Our democratic system as defined in our Constitution incorporated respect for this economic system.

Read USA Today article. (hat tip:

Milton Friedman and Rose Friedman also wrote in Free To Choose...
The story of the United States is the story of an economic miracle and a political miracle that was made possible by the translation into practice of two sets of ideas - both, by a curious coincidence, formulated in documents published in the same year, 1776. One set of ideas was embodied in The Wealth of Nations, the masterpiece that established the Scotsman Adam Smith as the father of modern economics...

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Jessica's art work

Anime style, click here, here, here

Quinnipiac U poll - NJ high property tax, hear my voice

On 6/08 at 9:16pm, Quinnipiac Univ on the caller id, I answered the phone.
A pleasant sounding male voice on the other end asked if I was over 18 years old and if I was willing to answer a few questions...

Taxes No. 1 gripe in New Jersey By Donald Lambro THE WASHINGTON TIMES,June 18, 2006
New Jersey voters say the most serious problem confronting their state isn't the war in Iraq, immigration or the budget deficit, it is taxes -- on their property, purchases and at the gas pump.
This was the overwhelming response to an open-ended poll question that allowed respondents to give any answer they chose. No other issue -- not the economy, education, crime, health care, government spending or even the tide of illegal immigration -- even came close, according to the Quinnipiac University poll.
When asked, "What do you think is the most important problem facing New Jersey today?" 46 percent replied taxes -- a percentage that was higher than any problem listed in any previous Quinnipiac statewide or national poll, the survey group said. The 46 percent included 19 percent who complained about all taxes, 26 percent who said property taxes, and 1 percent who said gas taxes.

Washington Times article here.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Anime Convention

From Mamaroneck/Westchester, Jess and I went to Uncle's office for entry pass to the Anime Convention at Meadowlands Center, Secaucus.
Here's the website.
Kids all dress up in animation character. Summer Halloween party with oriental flavor!
Benign Assimilation at it's best!

Opinion Scare Tactic from LA Times to Filipinos

click here to the article.
A new museum celebrating Chinese-Filipino heritage recently opened in central Manila. Philippine exports to China are growing at an annual clip of 50% to 60%, and a series of economic, political and cultural agreements will guarantee China a bigger role in a nation struggling to keep itself afloat in an increasingly competitive global economy.

Tiger Woods miss the cut...

Jessica and I sat on the shaded grandstand seat, 3rd row, back of tee box, facing the fairway, railing on the left side and waited until Tiger's group came to the first tee from the 18th.
I usually like to walk, see and feel the golf course when I go to a tournament. Jessica and I found a perfect seat to brunch, near the merchandise pavilion and toilet facilities. The 1st tee grandstand seats were less crowded after Tiger's group teed up.
Jessica asked 'why is he popular, Lola?' The same way I like going to tournaments he plays to watch him in person hit a golf ball. It is not the same on tv. Don't exactly know why.
Wish he is Christian and I pray for his conversion.
After shopping for souvenirs, we walked in between the 1st and 9th fairway to the 8th hole green which was near the exit to general parking bus waiting area. Tiger's flop shot from the rough was disastrous.
There was no Tiger roar all morning. Everyone is still in mourning...
Another year's Father's Day for Tiger to roar again.
Thank you, Tony and Mayotte for the tickets.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Kristelle Siarza, Tribune Reporter

Click this to read Kristelle's articles in The Alburquerque Tribune

Tiger Woods

ATR's golf buddy, Tony, gave him 2 tickets to the 2nd round of US Open at Winged Foot, Mamaroneck, NY. Jessica and I are going instead.
This is the same golf course, '97 PGA Championship, I first saw Tiger Woods in person. The first golf tournament I ever attended. Nor drove her beemer to Mamaroneck. Spent $50 for a private home parking space. Didn't know the championship has parking with bus shuttle.
For Tiger's site, click here.
For US Open site, click here...
Tiger is 5 over par through 7 holes in the front nine.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Philippine Independence Day

June 12...
But baby boomers like me born after 2nd World War, independence in heart and soul was 1946.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Land Reform revisit and reconsider, please!

Land reform expired eight years ago. Let land reform die a natural death.
Spending P100 billion to distribute 500,000 hectares of private agriculture land is an expensive proposition!
P100,000,000,000.00 in 5 years,
P20,000,000,000.00 a year, for 500,000 hectares land,
P1,000,000.00 per hectare of private agricultural land.

Since 1987, P35.8 billion has been spent to distribute 3.7 million hectares of land.
P35,800,000,000.00 spent to distribute 3,700,000 hectares of agricultural land for 18 years did not bring peace and prosperity of Filipinos and the Philippines.
It is time to reconsider this non capitalistic government program expiration!

Sunday, June 04, 2006