Sunday, February 26, 2006

brain drain...

Loss of creative minds of Filipinos in PI after immigration open in the US in the 60's.
As exchange students, nurses and doctors came in droves. Our '67 nursing class of 21, 2 stayed, married and settled in Bohol. By 1968, all except Che and I, came as exchange students. Some overstayed their visa but most employer sponsored them as immigrants. Then came other Philippine educated professionals, not married to nurses and doctors.
These non-nurse and non-doctor professionals and non-professionals are the Phippines biggest loss in economic prosperity as a nation. Business minded entrepreneurs, a legacy of Chinese immigration, benignly assimilated in the Philippines.
Raised in an enterprising and entrepreneur family, Vir, in his youth, bought in bulk wholesale much desired garlic and pimiento in Cebu and sold retail in single root or clove to different retailers in Tagbilaran. Then he came to America in 1985. Somehow, somewhere, sometime, he lost that entrepreneurial spirit of commerce in America. He's enterprising in a way, in his personal life.
Inspite of rich soil in Bohol, I never saw a garlic plant. We made pimiento paste but not powder form. Ginger root and tanggad are abundant.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

herniated disc - spine, cervical

Surgery for Herniated disc of the cervical spine have come a long way...