Saturday, July 14, 2007

Gerber baby food recall - rice & oatmeal article here.
Organic rice cereal and organic oatmeal cereal, sold in 8-ounce boxes.
Organic rice cereal UPC code - 15000 12504
Organic oatmeal cereal UPC code - 15000 12502.
Baby food should be not be eaten.
Call Gerber parents resource center - 800-443-7237 or 231-928-3000 to return product and full refund.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Illegal immigration

Totally agree with Prof Hanson on his op-ed today. Article here. Substitute Mexico with Philippines, same solution and end result applies.
Were the government to enforce laws already passed - fine employers for hiring illegal aliens, actually build the approved fences, beef up the border patrol, issue verifiable identification - we would then soon be dealing with a static population of illegal aliens. And that pool would insidiously shrink, not annually grow.
Some of the 12 million here illegally would willingly return home. Some with criminal records could be deported. Some would marry U.S. citizens. Some could be given work visas. Some could apply for earned citizenship.
The point is that our formidable powers of assimilation would finally catch up and have time to work on a population that would be at last fixed, quantifiable and identifiable. As aliens were more readily integrated with the general citizen population, Spanish would evolve into a helpful second, not a single alternate, language. Wages would rise for workers already here - many of them soon to be Mexican-American citizens - without competition from a perpetual influx of illegal aliens who work more cheaply.
Mexico would be forced to deal with rather than export its own problems. Billions in earnings would stay in the United States to help our own entry-level and legal immigrants from Mexico, not be sent back as remittances to relatives.
In short, a savvy public is neither racist nor hysterical in wanting the border closed now. It's the only comprehensive solution to the present mess of illegal immigration.

Sunday, July 01, 2007


Since immigration reform is dead this year, congress and most of us will have more time to think through what is best for us individually, for our adopted country and the country of our birth...