Saturday, August 06, 2011

Mayolo & Cristeta Cubero family in United States of America

In September, 1969, I immigrated with At Ros, three months pregnant with Andy. We got married early that year so we can immigrate together.
Papa Mayolo came as a tourist in 1971, got a SSS# & found work at a grocery chain a friend work.
Marcos declared Martial law in 1972.
Our close friends Romy & Eria moved to Scottsboro, Alabama when his company relocated there. Papa went & stayed with them, waiting for my citizenship papers, due 1975. Romy's company closed & they moved to Chicago.
Papa went to San Francisco. Cousin Celia & many relatives from Calape are there.
By 1977, I wrote my congressman for help in my citizenship application. In a month, I was interviewed by an immigration officer & sworned as a citizen. I mailed the citizenship certificate as soon as I can to the lawyer helping Papa with his application. Papa petitioned Mama and you all can finish our story in America...

from Passaic, New Jersey to Lake Tahoe, California... and many places and people in between...