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Bataan & Corregidor

Our national history, grossly unemphasized today in Philippine schools. Bataan Death March and surrender in Corregidor. National Park Service website here. We, Filipinos have intertwine with Americans from Pres McKinley's to the present.
Thousands of Americans and Filipinos refused to obey the surrender orders and continued to fight the Japanese forces in a lengthy guerrilla war that lasted until the American recapture of the 7,000-island nation in October, 1944. One technique used during the early part of the guerrilla movement was to dig road pits. Japanese trucks carrying search parties crashed into the pits; soldiers were killed, and the guerrillas took their weapons and ammunition. This greatly infuriated the Japanese commanders, who ordered their troops to literally chain their rifles to themselves to prevent easy guerrilla access.

Fred Thompson quotes...

Tonight Show, 9/06/07. Fred Thompson campaign for POTUS website here.
America has laid down more of its blood and treasure in the cause of freedom than all other countries combined.