Sunday, October 09, 2005

Corruption is a moral issue...

Corruption do not cause poverty and Poverty do not cause corruption.
The Poor will always be with us says the Bible.
Adam Smith in 1776, The Wealth of Nations, wrote that 'A nation's wealth is in proportion to the different creative abilities of people not the quantity of gold.
We, the people, individually, make the difference on the prosperity of the Philippines. Every branch - Executive, Legislative & Judiciary must reduce taxes, simplify business permits and license applications. Requirements to form a corporation should be simplified. Government do not create wealth. Government do not create jobs. Business, especially small business create jobs and create wealth. Wealth is created by adding to a Capital. Wealth starts with Capital - human (our brain creates ideas, our sweat and callous hands)capital, economic (assets and real estate)capital, social (interaction skills)capital. One or two of these Capitals are needed in business. Money or economic capital is not the only Capital needed to start an enterprise.
No Capital, No wealth. Business (small to big, individual or corporation) create wealth creating jobs. Less regulated business grows in all directions.
Best examples are Computers and Internet. Computer and Internet were develop by US govt employees. Computer and Internet in infancy were open source. Creative entrepreneurs, some moral, some not, grow and expanded exponentially Computers and Internet in all direction - mega, micro, mini, data, voice, graphics, business, law enforcement,private & public. Creative both in making money and user application design. Today, US government only oversee a privately owned Internet domain registry.
Corrupt United Nations is trying to grab and control the Internet domain registry. Shame the United Nations! Every individual from every nation must prevent UN officials from corrupting what is left of computers and internet open source culture.
US government return of investments are taxes collected from computer and internet entrepreneurs.
It's us, God created individuals, creating, adding Capital provided by God. Government role is to protect us from killing each other or from terrorist. We are all sinners and corruptible. The solution is check and balance. Plenary indulgence is not enough. Corruption is not the reason the Philippines is not a prosperous country. Corruption is obvious because the Philippines is not a prosperous country. Philippines not a prosperous country because we allow the government to control and run our lives. We allow the government to control our lives because it is easier to let someone else make our decisions. We allow the government to make our decisions so we can blame the government if the results of those decisions are unsatisfactory. It is easier to blame someone else than blame ourselves!!!

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