Sunday, January 29, 2006

birthdays, birthdays, birthdays...60th

In 1946 like USA, the Philippines, too, had a baby boom.
Low, middle income Filipinos, mostly teachers and government employees educated in English, bountifully reproduced.
My friend Che and I have parallel lives. In all our many life changes, sometimes we lost track of each other and somehow serendipitously will touch each other.
We first met in high school. Our parents sent us to the same high school they went. We live on opposite end of the island. I transferred to a catholic high school on my third and fourth year. We met again in nursing school. She got me a job after graduation in the hospital she work. She insisted that we both apply for immigrant visa instead of exchange student visa. She stayed single but I married waiting for our third preference visa. She is the godmother of my first born son.
My friend Che and I have nine siblings each. She had seven brothers and two sisters. I have two brothers and seven sisters. All our siblings immigrated to USA. Two sisters of mine, one older and one after me resettled back after Marcos exited. All her brothers and sisters live around her. My siblings scattered in CA, NM and NJ.

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