Saturday, June 17, 2006

Tiger Woods miss the cut...

Jessica and I sat on the shaded grandstand seat, 3rd row, back of tee box, facing the fairway, railing on the left side and waited until Tiger's group came to the first tee from the 18th.
I usually like to walk, see and feel the golf course when I go to a tournament. Jessica and I found a perfect seat to brunch, near the merchandise pavilion and toilet facilities. The 1st tee grandstand seats were less crowded after Tiger's group teed up.
Jessica asked 'why is he popular, Lola?' The same way I like going to tournaments he plays to watch him in person hit a golf ball. It is not the same on tv. Don't exactly know why.
Wish he is Christian and I pray for his conversion.
After shopping for souvenirs, we walked in between the 1st and 9th fairway to the 8th hole green which was near the exit to general parking bus waiting area. Tiger's flop shot from the rough was disastrous.
There was no Tiger roar all morning. Everyone is still in mourning...
Another year's Father's Day for Tiger to roar again.
Thank you, Tony and Mayotte for the tickets.

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