Friday, April 27, 2007

Property Taxes in United States of America...

Property Taxes: The Road to American Serfdom
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It is often said, and correctly so, that the hallmark of the American dream is homeownership. This was intentional at our country's Founding. James Otis
famously said, "A man's house is his castle," pointing to the essential link between homeownership and liberty (See "Against Writs of Assistance", 1761). And James Madison ensured that this link would be preserved, by including protections of property rights in the Bill of Rights, under the Fifth Amendment. One of the greatest barometers of the success of the American Experiment through our history has been the ever expanding portion of Americans that own their home, proving true that this indeed is the land of opportunity. Overall, since 2004 and according to government figures, the rate of U.S. homeownership is just over 69 percent -- an all time high. Minority homeownership has eclipsed 50 percent for the first time. For many (most?) Americans, homeownership is the principle vehicle for building wealth.

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