Friday, January 02, 2009

Yes, Raul, socialism failed Cuba or

Cuba failed because of socialism, same thing.
As Cuba prepared to officially commemorate 50 years of socialism later Thursday, President Raul Castro declared that socialism had "not failed in any way."

In 1957, Cuban GDP was estimated at $2.8 billion with a population of 7 million. 52 years ago, Philippines estimated GDP was $94,729 with a population of 22 million.
In 2007, Philippines GDP estimate is $300 billion with 7.3% growth rate, a population of 90 million. Meanwhile Cuba's claim of 7.5% GDP growth rate in 2007 is unverifiable. No GDP numbers are available for the population of 11 million. In 50 years span, Cubans increase 60% while Filipinos populate exponentially. That's excluding Filipinos who immigrated and became citizens of other countries like United States, Canada and Australia and numerous religious sojourners all over the world.
Socialism in general and Castro in particular forgets that the source of the nation's wealth and strength are the 'masses'. Without the 'masses', there would be no 'People Power' to overthrow Marcos and Estrada. Pro-life Philippines saved the country from prolong grips of dictators.

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