Friday, May 26, 2006

American Competitive Capitalism on display for the world to see

'American Idol' the tv show, that is.
Capitalism is an economic system, characterized by a free market and open competition, in which goods are produced for profit, labor is performed for wages, and the means of production and distribution are privately owned, as defined by a dictionary.
Every aspect in Capitalism starts with the individual. Individual effort, determination and perseverance. To compete in any thing, academic, sports, business or amateur hour need practice, practice, practice. Open competition is exercise and practice for creativity of thought, words and actions. Independence and self reliance awarded with a sporty Ford Mustang and other stuff at competition culmination.
Capitalism like democracy did not originate in America but capitalism and democracy fit American individualistic psyche. One support the other and vice versa. Leash and brake is God. Profound belief in Almighty God's power over all, the one and only source of authority in natural laws.
Competitive capitalism according to Milton Friedman is 'the organization of the bulk of economic activity through private enterprise operating in a free market'.
Nothing as competitive as this 21th century version of 'The Gong Show'and as American.
Music industry version of football draft or Heismann. A text more interactive for a couch potato like me.
Watch it for the first time this week with my apo. I'm hooked. Can't wait for next season opening.

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