Saturday, September 29, 2007

Neuroscience anxiously anticipating NeuroArm!

In my past life, twelve years ago, was a neurosurgical intensive care nurse for 13 odd years. Neurosurgery stagnated with gamma knife, stereotactic surgery and high dose of steroids for major spinal cord injuries. My passion was neurosurgical pre or post care, AVM's, aneurysm clipping, neuro trauma, children and adults alike.
This revolutionary robot arm will greatly improve outcomes post neurosurgery. There will be less collateral damage to surrounding brain tissues during surgery.
Tip from Michael Fumento at NeuroArm/U of Calgary website here.

“Many of our microsurgical techniques evolved in 1960s, and pushed surgeons to the limits of their precision, accuracy, dexterity and stamina,” says Dr. Sutherland, professor of neurosurgery, University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine and Calgary Health Region. “NeuroArm dramatically enhances spatial resolution at which surgeons operate, and shifts surgery from organ towards cell level.”
Designed to be controlled by a surgeon from a computer workstation, neuroArm operates in conjunction with real-time MR imaging, providing surgeons unprecedented detail and control, enabling them to manipulate tools at a microscopic scale. Advanced surgical testing of neuroArm is currently underway, followed by the first patient, anticipated for this summer.
NeuroArm Project schedule for remainder of 2007
Completion of pre-clinical studies
Health Canada regulatory approval
First surgery anticipated for summer 2007
Neurosurgery online abstract in 2004 here, no follow up article since...
FDA approval?
Anticipating anxiously, moi!

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