Friday, September 28, 2007

US presidents & corresponding presidents in the Philippines

1897 - 1901 - William McKinley, Republican.
White House bio here...

In the 100-day war, the United States destroyed the Spanish fleet outside Santiago harbor in Cuba, seized Manila in the Philippines, and occupied Puerto Rico. "Uncle Joe" Cannon, later Speaker of the House, once said that McKinley kept his ear so close to the ground that it was full of grasshoppers. When McKinley was undecided what to do about Spanish possessions other than Cuba, he toured the country and detected an imperialist sentiment. Thus the United States annexed the Philippines, Guam, and Puerto Rico.

1901-1909 - Theodore Roosevelt, Republican. WH bio here.

1909-1913 - William Taft, Republican. WH bio here.

Pres McKinley sent him to the Philippines in 1900 as chief civil administrator. Sympathetic toward the Filipinos, he improved the economy, built roads and schools, and gave the people at least some participation in government.

1913-1921 - Woodrow Wilson, Democrat. WH bio here.

1921-1923 - Warren Harding, Republican. WH bio here.

1923-1929 - Calvin Coolidge, Republican. WH bio here.

1929-1933 - Herbert Hoover, Republican. WH bio here.

1933-1945 - Franklin Roosevelt, Democrat. WH bio here.

1945-1953 - Harry Truman, Democrat. WH bio here.

First Philippine president of the 3rd Republic 7/4/46 - April 15, 1948 - Manuel Roxas

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