Friday, November 11, 2005

'Invisible Hand'

Filipinos overseas are God's 'invisible hand' in the presence of freedom and security in the Philippines.
Filipinos living abroad benignly assimilate their faith in Christ Jesus in their life.
Globally diasporic Filipinos will change the culture within the Philippines toward independent thought and action, self reliance and self discipline.
My natural citizenship is to the nation of my birth. I share my opinion and solution, compare the nation of my birth to the nation I acquire by choice. Lessons I learn, knowledge I acquire, skills I develop in my naturalized citizenship to my adopted nation with meditation and God's mercy I share with those I left behind years ago. If what I write improve their lives is a bonus.
'For it is Love that I desire, not sacrifice, and Knowledge of God rather than holocausts.' Hosea 6:6
'I desire mercy, not sacrifice.' Matthew 9:13

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