Friday, November 11, 2005


Jeepney is a symbol of Filipino creativity and resourcefulness.
The original Jeep was an American war equipment left over after liberation. The soul of the original jeep remains in the jeepney - Inventiveness and Creativity.
The history of Jeep as a car is as American as can be. During WW2, through US government bid and competition, a group of individuals developed an all terrain car that carried a tank of gasoline and transport more than the driver and ammonitions. But the mass development of the Jeep was awarded to a big manufacturer.
American GI's after the war raved about the Jeep and jumpstarted American's fascination with cars.
Filipinos too would have progress that fascination with cars post Jeepney but for the nearsightedness of government past with high tariff and restriction on imports.
Today, with a slight openness and reduction of tariff on foreign goods, maybe the Jeepney's history of creativity and resourcefulness will be recreated through Competition and create jobs for the creative.


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