Friday, December 09, 2005

Capitalism and Democracy, Filipino style

Capitalism like Democracy did not originate in America but capitalism and democracy fits American individualistic psyche. One adjunct the other and vice versa. Leash and brake is God. Profound belief in Almighty God's power over all, the one and only source of authority in natural laws.
The three islands Spain relinquished to the USA after the Spanish-American War were Philippines, Cuba and Puerto Rico. Blessed by Pres. McKinley, USA paid $20m for the Philippines, kept it a colony with promise of independence sometime, gave immediate independence to Cuba and kept Puerto Rico a commonwealth colony.
Today, Filipinos ably rid itself of a dictator, a corrupt, gambler actor president and tries every year to impeach or overthrow the elected president. Independence granted Cuba had dictators for about the same timeline. Cuba imports medical personnel but only if the dictator want to. Filipino doctors and nurses with their private interest, self-interest, enlightened self-love immigrated and still immigrating to the US and overseas since the 60's. Puerto Rico is still a commonwealth with no personality of it's own, unable to decide whether to become a state of the United States of America or an independent nation. Capitalism and Democracy, Filipino style, in God's mercy, independent and self sufficient.

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