Saturday, December 03, 2005

first stage Filipino capitalist

In my book, all Filipinos that landed in the shores of USA are first stage capitalist. A few are on the second stage of reinvesting the Profits they acquired through their Labor, Money they spent acquiring knowledge in the Philippines or US and Pricing their God given talent in whatever endeavor suits the competitive market in the USA. The third stage is the hardest. By nature, we work as hard as what our needs and wants are. If you want a Lexus or a Humvee, you will work double to afford it. But a Lexus or a Humvee do not generate Profit unless the market value increase in the future. That Profit did not generate any Labor on your part, only Money and Price. Thus not an Adam Smith capitalist endeavor. However, if you work on that Lexus or Humvee to improve it in some way better than when you bought it, it is a capitalist endeavor. Sell it and buy another one with your original capital and part of the profit, then you are a capitalist.
God Bless Filipinos.

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