Sunday, November 05, 2006


Some info about hvr-a1e here, and here,
Weighing just 670 g, the new Sony HVR-A1E is an ideal choice for a wide range of professional users seeking the quality and convenience of the HDV format in the smallest, lightest package yet with full 1080 line resolution. Building on the strengths of the acclaimed HVR-Z1E, the new camcorder joins the professional Sony HDV line-up. Thanks to its highly compact design, it offers an ideal solution for applications where space is limited or complete mobility is required.
Like other professional HDV products from Sony, the HVR-A1E provides a ‘bridge’ between the worlds of HD and SD production, thanks to its ability to capture and playback in HDV, DVCAM and DV formats. Like the successful HVR-Z1E, the HVR-A1E incorporates features that have designed with professional users in mind, including:
Built-in down-conversion to Standard Definition
2-channel Audio XLR inputs
Time Code Preset
16:9 Viewfinder (Black & White, Colour switchable)
2.7-inch 16:9 Hybrid LCD monitor
In addition, other new functions include:
Still image capture - Maximum pixel size for still images is 2.8M (1920x1440) pixels in Memory Mode. Users can record 1.2M (1440x810) pixel images in Tape and Play/Edit Mode.
Histogram Indicator - Users can check the brightness of an object and easily adjust exposure by viewing this graphical presentation.
Tele Macro - This feature enables users to capture a macro image from a distance. This is especially useful for shooting smaller moving objects, and it also provides the ability to make subjects more prominent against a backdrop and to suppress shadow projection.
The HVR-A1E incorporates a new 1/3-inch primary colour 3 Megapixel CMOS sensor. Teamed with Enhanced Imaging Processor technology, this provides wide dynamic range, lower power consumption and a high quality image for professional results.

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