Saturday, November 25, 2006

Yes, Philippines' economic climate turn around!

Business Week asked...
'Is the Philippines Finally Turning Around?'
Growth is up. The deficit is down. President Arroyo has survived impeachment threats. The service sector is thriving. Yet much remains to be done.
by Assif Shameen'.
Yes, my friend it is. Like everything else, everyone adjusts locally and globally to life's changes. And Filipinos in the Philippines and diasporic Filipinos 'turn around' for better Philippines.
Much work must be done, still. Smaller government, privatize government owned businesses - Landbank,DBP,unsubsidize PNB, simplify titlement of properties, simplify business start up by doing away with all requirements except name registration. Filipinos are independently inclined. We must be free to make mistakes as well as free to succeed in all that we do.

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