Monday, September 25, 2006

Bill Clinton, potential despot in any other country

If Bill Clinton had been a president of another country with a shaky constitution he would have been despotic or dictatorial - ala Ferdinand & Imelda Marcos.
George Will said it best.
BECAUSE of his political monomania, and because he is a perpetual preener who can strut even while sitting, Bill Clinton relished being president. The pomp, the cameras, the microphones make that office a narcissist's delight. But other than by soiling the office, he was a remarkably inconsequential president, like a person who walks across a field of snow and leaves no footprints.
It is axiomatic: Some people want public office in order to do something, others in order to be something. Clinton was the latter sort. Which is why he never seriously considered dealing with America's most serious policy problem, and why he was an unserious president.
Perfect description of Marcos too.

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