Saturday, September 30, 2006

Filipinos blogs the devastation of Milenyo

Filipino bloggers are a godsend for visual news of typhoon Milenyo.
Some photos and amusing storytelling in this...
I was in Valero, Makati that morning. Since my appointment was cancelled, I headed towards Buendia walking amidst the howling winds and horizontal rains that opening an umbrella seems a futile effort. I was in a sidewalk when two ladies was heading opposite my way, one had an un-opened umbrella over her head but continued to totter along but not looking ahead, then suddenly in front of me she bumped on a sign pole. Okay I almost laughed which is mean of me really but it was a funny sight. But good thing she laughed as well finding she’s alright. I guess in the midst of the storm laughter can be a relief.

More photos on this and this...
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