Friday, September 15, 2006

Pray for Pope Benedict XVl today and everyday on...

These news articles are very disturbing...
Religious Leaders Across Mideast Rage Against Pope's Comments on Islam

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is right. Pope Benedict's message is Faith and Reason.
"It is an invitation to dialogue between religions and the pope has explicitly urged this dialogue, which I also endorse and see as urgently necessary," she said Friday. "What Benedict XVI makes clear is a decisive and uncompromising rejection of any use of violence in the name of religion."
In the United States, a Muslim group, the Council for American-Islamic Relations, asked for a meeting with a Vatican representative and urged more efforts at improving understanding between Muslims and Catholics.

Muslims worldwide are wrong to assume Christians, Pope Benedict XVl in particular do not understand Islam. The fact that he quoted a conversation in a book about 14th century displays the depth of his research and thought process to convey his message that reason is important to understand faith, not the sword.
Pray for Pope Benedict XVl today and everyday.
Our Lady of Fatima intercede for the Bishop in white, thrown with darts as he climb the mountain of faith.

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