Friday, January 14, 2005

Corruption not the cause of poverty

Corruption is poverty of one's soul.
We are all corrupt, just as we are all sinners! Me, you and the Catholic church hierarchy! The Catholic church cathedrals and monasteries are run dogmatically by individuals with the same self-interest as you and me - financial and spritual survival.

Solution must come from the bottom - us, you, me & the Catholic ministers not from the top down. The masa must demand from the Philppine government officials - Pres. Arroyo and law makers in each barangay, poblacion, provincia and congress to lower taxes, remove barriers to trade and exchange of goods and services, reduce regulations to start and run a business. Business, small, medium or large are the ones who creates jobs. Jobs reduce poverty.

All Filipinos, you, me & the Catholic ministers, must not practice and support corruptive behavior in our daily interaction with each other, family or non-family, co-workers or employers, private or government officials, Pres. Arroyo or Mayor Lim.

Corruption is when you bribe your children with gifts before they do something. Rewards should be for good behavior not before a behavior.

Corruption is when you bargain down to last centavo someone's tienda. Open pricing of someone's tienda should be the norm to force the tiendera/o to calculate what price is profitable and what price is a loss. Price should NOT be determine by the bargaining skill of the buyer. A sale must be a win-win transaction for the tiendera to make a profit and the buyer to get the best price for the goods or service. If someone wants to sell at a losing price to recover his/her capital, it is her/his loss, not the bargaining skills of the buyer. If the tiendera/o makes a profit, well, that's what they are in business for - to make a profit.

Corruption starts in small things from the very beginning of our Filipino culture. It will only stop if all of us will start on small things - you, me and the ministers of the Catholic church.

Corruption is really common whether you live in the Philippines or the United States. The difference is in the Philippines, it is chaotic corruption clearly dramatized in Filipinos non-compliance with traffic signs, lanes and rules of the road, pedestrians and motor vehicle drivers alike. That my friends is corruption, a clear disregard of the law of the road.
Dogmatic Catholic church supports chaotic corruption, income distribution, dogmatic constitution, discourage dissent, individualism and self-reliance.

A business person in the Philippines do not know who, how many and how much to bribe in order to start or get the business going. Not knowing means an inflated price margin for his/her goods and services to cover those bribes, in order to make a profit at the end of the day. Profit is business main goal.

A corrupt person really has no guilt in his/her behavior. A recipient of a bribe considers it Economic Rent. The corrupt person the landlord, the briber the tenant. The corrupt person thinks of him/herself as a place holder of that position. When the briber's time comes to be the place holder, he/she will do the same, collects economic rent. That cycle can be terminated only if the chain is broken by shame or legally.
To make corruption well organized, the rent must be open and transparent. Rent depends on supply and demand. That's what free market does.
When people and drivers in the Philippines takes the time to cross only at the pedestrian lane, drive within the boundaries of a lane and acknowledges first come, first serve service even if there's no rope line will corruption be manageble enough not to hinder the prosperity of Filipinos.
Individualism and self-reliance are necessary component to practice freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom of fear and pursuit of happiness.
Critical thinking must be taught in Philippine schools from grade school to college.

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