Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Money Remittance from USA to Php

Remittances to the Philippines impacts the receiving family directly and are better than government or even ngo aid! however,
Remittances to family in the Philippines must be given with purpose without any strings attach. If you can not afford to send money to your relatives, then don't! Your main responsibility after God are your own needs then your immediate family. Must be in that order.
Compassion does not mean generous handout with money! Money is not wealth. Wealth are assets you save to buy what you need. It is better to share the tools for knowledge and insight. It is better to share marketable skills you develop through the years living in USA. It is better to market your own skills in ways no one has thought about how! Creative thoughts are rare and precious. Take time to think nothing! Heightened your sense of aha! No one has thought of this way before! Be observant of every aspect of your life, your surrounding, your family!
you can be whatever you want if you ignore society's expectations and have the strength to follow your own.
Justice Clarence Thomas

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