Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Self-reliance & Independence awards

Sunday, January 02, 2004 BoholTimes.com OnLine Edition Best 2004 entrepreneurs
Bohol SMED Council (SMED-C) and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) awarded plaques to successful local entrepreneurs and awarded citations to 14 of its partners in the implementation of the national SME agenda, December 23.

Competition and rewards are the best incentive for creative minds.
Creative minds are scarce resource of a nation.
Creative, independent minds think for themselves.
The best location for their minds to prosper is in the freest of all nations - the United States of America - a nation of believers in God's infinite wisdom.
United States of America is model.
Filipino immigrants of the United States of America who can, must expatriate the capitalistic sentiments of the USA to Filipinos in the Philippines - Individualism, Self Reliance and limited government!
It is our only chance for prosperity for all.

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