Thursday, January 13, 2005

'Radical & Holistic solution to illegal immigration'...

President Bush's plan to liberalize the nation's immigration laws to allow millions of undocumented workers the opportunity for legal status appears to be on a collision course with newly aroused sentiment among House Republicans pushing for a crackdown on illegal immigration.Many supporters say a temporary-worker program would enhance national security by identifying who is in the country; by boosting the economy with a continuing supply of highly motivated, low-skill workers; and by helping undocumented workers avoid exploitation by granting them the protections that come with legal status. The workers, meanwhile, would be free to return to their home countries, allowing them to stay connected with their families
By Michael Fletcher, Washington Post | January 3, 2005

Military historian,essayist, author of Mexifornia, Victor Davis Hanson solution makes sense!

1. Adopt sweeping restrictions on immigration.
2. End separatist ideology with the 2-tier legal system for illegals. (p.147)

Congressmen & Congresswomen please read Mr. Hanson's book. He has a unique perspective accumulated through his experiences living with, working along and interacting with legal & illegal immigrants.

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