Sunday, July 02, 2006

Freedom is the Keyword !!!

'Filipino CPA's, lawyers, engineers, computer programmers, mathematicians, statisticians, teachers, biologists, soldiers, journalists, and bankers taking up nursing' is a market force. Any government regulation to curb or slow it down are additional curtailment of Filipino freedoms - economic freedom, political freedom, freedom of speech and freedom of religion.
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Dinesh D’Souza wrote in What's So Great About America that
America’s founders solved two great problems which are a source of perennial misery and conflict in many other societies—the problem of scarcity, and the problem of religious and tribal conflict. They invented a new regime in which citizens would enjoy a wide range of freedoms—economic freedom, political freedom, and freedom of speech and religion—in order to shape their own lives and pursue happiness. By protecting religion and government from each other, and by directing the energies of the citizens toward trade and commerce, the American founders created a rich, dynamic, and peaceful society. It is now the hope of countless millions all across the world.

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