Sunday, July 23, 2006

Pilgrims, we were to Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal

Nor, Jess and me.
Plane inside setup and space looks the same as the last time I rode the same airline in 1996. Every time the guy in front of Jess reclines his seat, Jess has to reposition her long legs. Airline served dinner and ham sandwich snack before landing in Lisbon. Unlike AA on Nor's flight from LA. Did not even served any snack in the 5 hour flight.
Bus ride from Lisbon airport to Fatima is 15 euro each. It was a walk from the airport and two bus ride. One from the airport to the main bus terminal then to Fatima.
Decided to take a taxi instead for 126 euros. Prepaid with credit card. The lady (Sandra) at the information booth accompanied us to the taxi and made sure we boarded safe. For peace of mind, it probably was worth the extra euros.
The scenery of the cab ride was modern. Many constructions, new buildings and housing development along the highway. Looks up to date than when I last came to Portugal.

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