Tuesday, July 25, 2006

US$ to Euro

$100 equals 76-80 Euros.
A 3 star hotel cost 160 euro. Euro 3 star hotel is not comparable to US 3 star hotel in amenities and service in a comparable US city.
History, ancient history and God's grace drive Americans to go to Europe.
For vacation respite, any US city and resort gives your money's worth.
Our cheapest dinner for 3 cost 25 euro and our most expensive 115.
A cup of capuccino or expresso coffee is cheaper than soda. However, coffee is served in small cup and soda is served in can or bottle.
Europe is expensive, especially for tourist with American taste. Yet, Rome is full of American tourist in the Vatican, Sistine museo, colosseum and other sites. In all our train travel, metro or eurostar and equivalent, there's always someone with an American accent.
I am not going to Italy anymore until someone assure me I will not be pickpocketed.

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