Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Rome, not pickpocket capital of the world but...

Pickpocketed in a crowded bus from Trevi Fountain Metro stop to Termini at 10pm on our way to a sleeper train for Milan.
Don't carry a wallet anymore since my pickpocket incident in 1996 on the train from Naples to Rome.
Skillful lady pickpocketer took my datebook with 3 different credit cards - amex, mc, visa - and an atm card. An envelope of 76 euros was with the datebook as well as my apo's birth certificate. Pickpocketer and male accomplish got off the last stop before Termini.
I text my hubby right away with my unlocked cellphone with Vodafone SIM card I bought at Lisbon airport, to block credit card accounts. He called my cell phone right away to check on us, his first and only time he phoned.
'It could have been worse', my apo says a few times waiting for the delayed train to Milan.
Our Lady protected us in our journey at all times.
Thank you, LORD.

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